September 21, 2007

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First things first

September 20, 2007

I’m sorry i jumped right into the link building process without explaining better the basics of links and link building.

So why do we need them ?

Well there are plenty of reasons but the most important are:

Getting your site known ! That’s right .. by creating links that are contextual related to your website you will have better chances of getting known via a search engine. People use search engines all day long so why not lead them to your site.

Making a profit out of this ! If people visit your site then you have a good chance to make money out of it. Place Google Ads or get yourself an affiliate. This way you could maximize your profits.

It’s fun ! Well who doesn’t want to work without having a strict program, be your own boss !

Are forums good ?

September 19, 2007

Well i believe a lot of people are using forums.

Some are looking for news, updates, things to sell etc. But most people don’t realize the benefits they could be achieving whilst using forum links.

Forum links unlike blog links or social bookmarking ones don’t tend to have the “rel=no follow” so basically when you link from a forum to your site you will be able to influence the search engines.

Of course in order to have a good result people should look for niche or topic related content and of course a good (1+) PageRank rating.

Known problems:

1. Forum moderators are very vigilent so when they see a 2 year old topic “jumping” on top of others they tend to be suspicious. Posting something like : “I agree, thumbs up” won’t do a lot and you will most likely be banned.

2. Posting on forums require skills. A person who wants to post on a forum should know the basic html <a href >syntax and [url] (phpbb) related one too. When you register you must keep an eye out for html and bbcode availability, registering on a forum that doesn’t have either will get you with an account at the most.

Try using the Signature : Your links will probably look a little less spammy rather than stuffing them like :” I was wondering if you could help me with my site because i am having problems all day long .” I tend to use quotes or known phrases … keep that in mind and you will have links there waiting even after a month.

3. Don’t get fooled about forum urls, once you posted a link double check if the topic you posted in has a PR > 0. For example a link like http://www.forums.cats.com/viewtopic?=something ?message= will most likely show a 0 PR. This is because the “?message=” part automatically shows a PR of 0 rather than it’s current value. Go back on your browser reload the page using the CTRL + F5 combo and see the actual results.

All these things could be a bit demoralizing if you are new to backlinks but take your time not everyone is an expert so try reading first, experiment after and let me know if your results are satisfactory.

Quality over Quantity

September 19, 2007

Although having a lot of links pointing to your is a good thing and may lead to a good Page Rank for you page it ain’t that smart to just go hunting for backlinks. I think people are taught the wrong way.

Why not look for something a bit more priceless ?

Of course everything is quite abstract but i could bet that if you would get yourself a few content related backlinks it would do you so much better than having 100 backlinks from spammed pages. Keyword related or topic related pages linking back to you have a much greater effect on your site. Google will see that your pages are related and will say that your page is more reliable rather than cutting down on your rating because you have achieved 10000 spammy links over night.


September 19, 2007

I know the importance of backlinks. Everybody is looking for them, everyone wants to have a huge amount of backlinks.

But why ?

Why are backlinks so important, and why are people spending hours trying to get them. Well backlinks are just plain link that point to a site. Backlinks are important because they grow the popularity of the site they’re pointing to. Almost everyone thinks of backlinks as a vote to the other site. I will try to explain how to build better links for your site.

In the picture above sites A and C are linking to site B which links to site D. Lets say that our sites have the following PR.

Site A : PR 4

Site B : PR 4

Site C : PR 3

Site D : unknown ( or zero, site just created)

Lets say k(X) is the total number of links pointing from the site X to the rest of the world. Let’s say site http://www.onion.com is pointing to 10 sites then k(www.onion.com) would be 10. In this case Page B would benefit from page A and C with about A/k(A) + C/k(C) PR rating. And site D with a B/k(B) rating.

Of course there are a lot more to this than just the number of links pointing in/out of each site but that’s the general idea.

About me

September 5, 2007

Well i would like to say a few things about me before i get moving, my name is Sergiu as you can all imagine, i’m 21 years old and i’m a student. I like computers, heh who doesn’t but more than using YM and music. I like to learn about them, practice things and study their behavior.

The beginning

September 5, 2007

I just wanted to start this blog by saying hello to everyone. I’m not sure how many people will visit my site but let’s hope that the number will be satisfactory.